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How to place a Horse Racing Bet

  1. Select a Track from the Track List on the left, this will bring up the next available race at the selected Track.

  2. Select Race from the drop down menu if you wish to choose a later race.
  3. Review the race information, select the horse number you wish to bet on and click Bet Now (you will be prompted to log in to your Ocean888 account if you have not already done so).

  4. A pop up screen will then appear listing all available tracks. Select your desired track again. (Track must be chosen again as the Bet Now option is available to bypass track/Race information if preferred).

  5. Select Race #
  6. Select the amount you wish to wager. If you choose to Enter a wager amount, it must be a multiple of $2. There is a maximum risk amount of $1,000 per horse, per Win, Place and Show bet ($1,000 across MAX). Maximum risk amount of $500 per exotic wager.

  7. Select Wager Type (abbreviation legend is below):
    • WN = Win
    • PL = Place
    • SH = Show
    • WPS = Win, Place and Show, or Across the Board
    • WP = Win, Place
    • WS = Win, Show
    • PS = Place, Show
    • DD = Daily Double
    • EX = Exacta
    • TRI = Trifecta
  8. Select your desired Horse(s) Number(s).

  9. Click the 'Add to Ticket' button.

  10. Review your wager.

  11. If the wager is NOT correct, click the 'Delete Ticket' button and start over. Deleted wagers will not be recorded.

  12. If the wager is correct, click the 'Submit Ticket' button (this confirms and submits wager). Remember: A wager cannot be changed, cancelled or modified once submitted - no exceptions.

  13. To view your pending wagers go to My Account and select Open Bets.

  14. For further information and to view all regulations related to Horse Race Wagering, please visit the Help section.